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  1. @mdrockwell I didn’t realize the official didn’t yet show follower counts. What has kept me from using it is the “show more replies” action you have to hit a bunch of time to see all replies. What is the deal with that? All the other clients just show all the replies.

  2. @mcg the app will show how many people someone’s following, but you can’t actually view the list of people. I haven’t come across the “show more replies” thing, maybe I just haven’t seen enough long-ish threads? Also, what’s your Mastodon, I don’t think I’m following you there? Do you crosspost through or do you have another setup?

  3. @mdrockwell The “show more replies” thing is a real pain. Touch, one more reply shows up, touch, one more reply shows up. I’ve submitted feedback about this a couple of times.

    Started out on when it first got going, then moved to a self hosted Pleroma instance(which is good software), but ended up back on I mostly just crosspost from M.B. these days but I am

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