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  1. @hjertnes Not sure, it just seems kind of limited and inactive to me in comparison to Twitter. Now, I have no love loss for Twitter at this point, and of course the lack of “noise” is a huge advantage, but how does one get traction if they’re only posting to one instance of Mastodon?

  2. @pimoore imagine if you had to have a Gmail account to send an email to someone with a Gmail account. It would be absurd. But that’s how social networking works on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It’s completely siloed. Mastodon is a Twitter-like service where you can interact with other Mastodon users regardless of what server/instance they’re on. So I have my own Mastodon server — — and I can follow, reply, boost/retweet, and like messages from people on,,, or any other Mastodon server on the web.

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