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  1. @mdrockwell Most feed reader don’t handle password protected feeds well. And plugins that exist mostly end up password protecting the entire site to protect the RSS feed. The easiest option I believe is to assign those posts to a ‘category’ and exclude that category from the blogs RSS Feeds…

  2. @sp my goal is to have a private site where content isn’t visible to anyone except myself. I’m going to use it as a middle-man between IFTTT automations and my RSS reader. I’m going to use FreshRSS to read the feed, which does handle password protected feeds. But I need XML-RPC to be accessible without an additional password so that IFTTT can reach it.

  3. @mdrockwell If it’s just IFTTT, and you can control the name of the RSS feed file, you can have the file name be a 50 character long random URL safe string that isn’t mentioned anywhere else in your site or HTML. Then manually point IFTTT towards that feed.

    Bonus points if you append a URL var that WordPress checks against, and refuses to render if the var is incorrect. If something happens, change the accepted value and IFTTT is locked out.

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