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  1. @leonp I had government and general politics topics in mind, but truthfully it can be applied to almost anything. Don’t get me wrong, people should be able to speak about whatever they want, but I think it would be wise for people to be upfront about their degree of knowledge. Biggest issue with that, though, is that most people don’t know how little they know.

  2. @mdrockwell I think social media encourages everyone to have an opinion on everything. Politics is different from, say, JavaScript, though; it doesn’t take expertise to have a political opinion. My problem is that it allows people to act in bad faith and encourages extreme opinions.

  3. @leonp there are plenty of grifters for sure, but I suspect many of the people acting in bad faith with extreme opinions are actually under-informed about whatever specific political topic they’re discussing.

  4. @mdrockwell @leonp After allowing Trump to voice all his extreme opinions on the platform for far too long, no wonder it’s such a pervasive problem now (even with him gone). He even shut down his blog, likely after realizing his influence there is nothing like it was on Twitter.

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