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  1. @pimoore I’m pretty happy with Wallabag so far. It has its quirks, but nothing deal breaking. I do use I a Writer and Ulysses — iA Writer is used for personal notes, Ulysses is used just for my writing on Initial Charge.

  2. @pimoore I like having apps that are a bit more dedicated to specific types of tasks. So I write in Ulysses but iA Writer is more for casual notes and lists. It helps me stay focused as I’m more intentional about each type of task based on the app I’m in. It also gives me a bit more freedom to setup and organize each app to better suit its purpose. For example, iA Writer has all of my notes in a giant list but I keep things more organized in Ulysses — keeping the posts I’m working on in an inbox and then filing them away in an archive folder once they’re published.

  3. @mdrockwell Interesting idea, I’ve always felt having one main go to repository and app for most writing would keep things simple. Although I already have notes across more than one anyway, so perhaps I’ll try this out myself. Thanks!

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