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  1. @mdrockwell Because we can’t do anything with modern TVs without one? The batteries in mine died today, and I was remembering fondly how we used to just get up and turn a knob to see what else was on when I was a kid…

  2. @hjertnes I bought a Toshiba Fire TV last summer for the convenience of having one device to use for Pandemic Summer Backyard Micro Cinema, powered by a Jackery portable power station. I could hook my Apple TV gen. 2 up to it, but I’ve been managing with the ATV app. This is a good reason to go ahead and do it…or buy the latest Apple TV. #rationalization

    If there had been an actual Apple TV television set, that would have been my first choice! But if it existed, it’d probably be way more expensive than the set I got.

  3. @jean I have a Samsung thing with some smart stuff. But I don’t trust them. So I just use the Apple TV 🤷‍♂️

    As a long time apple person it feels much more familiar than any other TV or software I’d used

    Probably not worth the money, but people buy expensive cars for dumber reasons 😂

  4. @hjertnes @jean We have an old panasonic … it have never been connected to the network, simply because I don’t trust it. And yes, I use an Apple TV also.

    I kind of worry when it’s time to buy a new TV, I just want a plain dumb screen (that can decode over the air TV signals) that I can connect to the Apple TV. And several HDMI ports etc but not anything “smart”

  5. @hjertnes For the backyard TV setup, there’s no electrical outlet. So it was for convenience that I went with an all-in-one unit. The portable power station can only power one thing at a time. Before having this Toshiba Fire, I couldn’t imagine wanting a set that had Apple TV built in.

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