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  1. @mdrockwell It’s fine, helpful even, if you don’t want to mess with HTML. I have it turned off because it adds a lot of HTML comments that slow down the pageload. This guy hates the block editor (but he also has a very longrunning and well-documented beef with WordPress and Automattic).

  2. @mdrockwell works well. Besides what “block-based” may sound, doesn’t break thre editing flow in any way. The quote block should support the Tab to switch to the author field and to the quote text alternatively to offer a better keyboard-only experience. Oh, in the block type selector, the window should support elastic bouncing. My three cents.

  3. @mdrockwell I set up websites for colleagues at work and generally use They find the block editor difficult; they’re not interested in the appearance of pages, just the content. It’s easier for them to type into a box rather than figure out the block editor UI.

  4. @leonp I’m going to try not to defend it, I’m just trying to gather as many opinions/thoughts as I can. In the block editor, you should be able to just click into the body section and start typing. Is there anything about that workflow that gets in their way or is there something I’m missing?

  5. @mdrockwell clicking into a form field and typing content is a lot simpler than navigating round blocks, right clicking to get options etc. For people needing to create pages from components I get the block editor, but my users don’t need that.

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