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  1. @mdrockwell I think daylight savings time is stupid, it doesn’t need to be light outside at 9pm or later. And I’ve heard numerous coworkers mention they can’t get their young kids to go to sleep because that messes with their circadian rhythm. I even find it effects me too.

  2. @peterimoore I’ve lived in Alaska where the light changes are somewhat extreme, regardless of daylight savings, and in California where they were not dramatic. In Seattle, they are significant enough and the main thing is I would like to do away with the changes.

  3. @mdrockwell I’ll be very glad to see Daylight Saving Time go. (I don’t care whether they decide to make ST or DST official, as long as it stays the same all year.) We lived in Indiana for five years at a time when our county stayed on Standard Time all year. It was simple, no one complained of any problem.

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