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  1. @peterimoore I’m thinking of it more in the sense of the TV format — 20-45 minutes, episodic — vs. the movie format — 90+ minutes, typically self-contained.

    To clarify a bit more, I’ve never had cable TV in my adult life and the only streaming service I pay for is YouTube Premium. I have access to HBO Max and Prime Video through other subs, but don’t use them. Basically everything we watch is on YouTube or in our Plex library.

  2. @mdrockwell ah ok, in that case definitely agree. There’s so much more you can accomplish plot and depth-wise in a longer episodic series I think, in addition to getting to enjoy the content for longer.

    Kudos to you for not having cable, at this point it’s paying to watch ads.

  3. @mdrockwell I’m of the opinion that cable should be free if I’m forced to watch ads, but we all know how big the pipe in that dream is. 😂 How are you liking YouTube premium, I’ve considered it a couple of times just for blocking the ads alone.

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