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  1. @mdrockwell Brilliant idea, thanks for the write-up.

    As an aside, I love stumbling across a blog like yours. I think we need a write-up on a strategy to get through someone’s historical blog posts when you find an interesting treasure trove.

  2. @mdrockwell Not sure there’s a good solution. Sometimes you come across a blog that you have never read before but the gold is dripping from every post. Unless the blog has some kind of ‘greatest hits’ page, automated or otherwise, it’s an interesting challenge in how to ‘catch up’ with the stuff posted there in the past. I want to effectively take the browser tab with me and work my way back through the good posts, or sometimes forward chronologically from the first one, but it doesn’t work well across devices.

    I recall seeing a tool a while ago that would generate an eBook from a WordPress site, but it was pretty flaky (and ethically questionable).

    Maybe a ‘save all’ or ‘save all titled posts’ to Instapaper would be good, with a post count and ‘are you sure?’ before you commit to it.

  3. @adoran2 interesting. I’m not sure if I’ve had the same desire to read through a site’s archives like that. I have an Archive page on Initial Charge with links to all my longer posts, but maybe a “greatest hits” type page would be worthwhile. 🤔

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