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  1. @mdrockwell We certainly hate ours… it actually worked great for a couple of years and then suddenly it stopped taking requests from our Linux and Mac machines. No updates available because Samsung sold their printer division to HP who immediately dropped support for every model. We’ve spent years now relying on a USB stick to print or scan anything 😢

  2. @mdrockwell I’ve never had a printer I truly liked and had no complaints about since the last dot matrix I ever owned (and even it had its quirks). Apparently the ink tank style printers are better as the nozzles are more resistant to drying out, but that’s just what I’ve heard.

  3. @jaitalking So. I’ve had several ink printers so far, one worse than the other. Then I decided to switch to a laser printer. I tested 5 in total and got stuck with that one: Lexmark MC3224adwe. It’s really okay. But it doesn’t have a consistently clean print image, for example, if you print a whole page in one color, there is a gradient. For whatever reason. But the far bigger problem with the printers is not the quality. It’s the software, where it gets stuck again and again. Sometimes this doesn’t work, then that doesn’t work. And I’ve had that over and over again for years. And it’s never really explainable why something is suddenly not printed or printed incorrectly. As I said, they all come from hell. I would prefer to have no printer at all. But since my wife is a teacher and often has to print something, there’s no other way.

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