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  1. @gr36 there’s a longer delay for syndication to Twitter, unfortunately. has a way to notify the service when you publish. As far as I can tell, IFTTT doesn’t offer anything like that. :

    (If there’s a better way to syndicate to Twitter that includes a link back for, I’d love to know!)

  2. @mdrockwell I dont bother sydicating short posts (under280), they share but without a link so webmentions don’t track back – mainly becuase I am not too fussed.

    Everythign else from is shared with a link, i use the json plugin to make sure everything share correctly.

  3. @gr36 I’m specifically setting up as a replacement for Twitter and Instagram, so everything I publish there is short. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would prefer to cross-post through to simplify everything, but the lack of included link doesn’t allow me to use So I’m cross-posting to Tumblr and Mastodon through and using IFTTT for Twitter. It’s not ideal, but until I find a better service for this or offers the option to include a link, this is the best option.

  4. @manton I would love the option.

    And although I’m sure it would be a considerable development investment, I would gladly pay to have handle all of these Webmention services for me. If only because the service is rock-solid for cross-posting and sending its own Webmentions. ๐Ÿ™‚

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