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  1. I actually thought there was something like this, but I guess not. I’m thinking something simple, like the feeds list format. Not a Twitter timeline-like interface for feeds. Then again, I don’t like my RSS readers to look like HN and/or Twitter.
    A list of feeds, folders, and unread counts for all the feeds. When you click on a feed, it displays a list of article titles and excerpts. A subscribe bookmarklet would be nice too.

    1. I think it would be nice for it to connect with an external RSS service for syncing — Tiny Tiny RSS, Feedbin, FreshRSS, etc. — and also have the option for a local RSS system.

      And I think it should allow for folders and have some options for how the feeds are displayed — with or without thumbnails, with or without favicons, with a truncated version of the item’s content, and so on.

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