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  1. If you have specific questions, there are a lot of us who can help in the IndieWeb chat or WordPress specific chat.

    A lot of it depends on what you what to do with it—which features and functionalities. Hopefully one or even a few of the plugins with minimal configuration will get you what you want.

    Syndicating content can be a bit more involved, but only because there are so many methods depending on the level of control you want for the output and what sort of results you may want back from social silos.

  2. I recommend it highly as a buffet from which to pick the bits you want. Some bits are meant for Other People’s Usecases. Other bits are really useful. I like having webmentions, for instance, and I’ve put an h-card on my site, but I’m not interested in h-feeds or most of the post types. There’s a progression about how to become more indiewebified, and it’s useful for those who are inspired by the whole idea and want to know where to start, but if you’ve already got a site of your own and your own ideas about it, I would advise you not bother with it and only try out what you like.

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